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But before we continue... we’re not sure if we should... maybe... well... we don’t know if we should share this. We’re a bit torn and on both sides of the fence.

Why? Because we’ve developed a way for you to “skip go while still collecting your $200” - to quote a monopoly metaphor.

It’s that powerful.

What are we talking about exactly?

We’re talking about how to have all the leads you want lining up with an irresistible method they can’t ignore and practically begging you to take their money - Even If You’ve Never Had Online Success Before.

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The Results That They’re Getting

$200,000 In New Sales and 20,258 New Leads

Once we heard of this story, we had to investigate it. After digging deeper, we learned that AnnMarie (a skincare company) was able to achieve these results using a ‘what’s your skin score’ quiz.

This allowed for a more engaging, higher converting, and extremely argeted way to capture their target audience's details. The end result was that they were able to generate over two hundred thousand dollars in sales in only two months.

This is the same power available to you right now with the ViralLeadFunnels QuizFunnel upgrade Today!

35,752 New Leads and 200% Sales Increase

As we did more research, we found that Bourbon and Boots generated a little over 35,750 leads and doubled their sales in just 3 weeks.

This happened by using 7 different and engaging lead generation quiz campaigns.

They focused the quizzes on buyer personas and it worked out great for them. This strategy made the leads generated more targeted and ready to buy their offers.

Once we saw the power of these quizzes, we knew we had to harness that power with the Viral Lead Funnels platform. So we decided to create our own.

And now, with the ViralLeadFunnels QuizFunnel upgrade, you can create such lead generation quiz campaigns to easily bolster your marketing and lead generation results.

Viral Lead Funnels Gives You

2 Paths To MEGA Success...

Step #1

Sign In To The Platform,

Choose Your Quiz Type, And Add Details.

Step #2


Your Quiz And Send Traffic.

Step #3

Get High Quality

That Leads To Tons Of Sales With
Less Effort!

Step #1

Sign In To The Platform,

Choose Your Quiz Type, And Add Details.

Step #3

Get High Quality

That Leads To Tons Of Sales With
Less Effort!

Step #2


Your Quiz And Send Traffic.

Here’s Why
This Works So Well

And Why Your Audience Won’t Be Able To Resist

By nature, humans are extremely inquisitive. Not to mention quite a few are competitive as well.

So when you introduce a quiz, the curiosity factor comes into play that is irresistible for most.

Fast forward and after taking the quiz, people want to know how they did AND want a RESOLUTION to the questions they answered.

It’s true marketing psychology at its finest.

As A Matter Of Fact:

Research shows,
an average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate.

9 of the 10 most shared Facebook publications
were quizzes
– iProspect

According to,
the most shared quiz on the Internet over a period of 8 months was “What Career Should You Have?”

50 most engaging quizzes on BuzzFeed drove just under 3 million engagements, an average of almost 60,000 engagements per quiz– NewsWhip

And That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

With stats like those (and more)
there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using quizzes in your marketing.

You simply can’t afford to ignore it if you plan to succeed online!

We Have Every Quiz Module Available To

Fit Any Marketing Strategy

You’ll Ever Have

No matter what type of quiz you want to create, Viral Lead Funnels Quiz Edition has you covered.

Choose From Various Quiz Types
To Help With Your Marketing Needs:

One Question Quizzes

Use this to get straight to the end desire that you and the prospect wants.

Multiple Question Quizzes

Use this to get more feedback from your market and redirect to any offer you choose.

Conditional Branch Logic

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit eiusmod tempor incididunt.

Question Scoring & Weighting

Use this to spark curiosity, get feedback, and engage your audience, while building a responsive list.

Possibility & Outcome

Take prospects on a journey and give different results based on the prospects’ answers.

Check Out Viral Lead Funnels
Quiz Edition In Action!

Here’s Why

You Need To Upgrade Today…

In the past couple of years, quizzes have truly taken over the digital marketing world, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.

Today, on this page, you get the exclusive offer to unlock onetime access to a powerful quiz tool, and at a super ridiculous price.

In addition, this tool was built to work seamlessly with the ViralLeadFunnels app you already have. So, you'll be able to combine the power of  "viral lead funnels" and "quizzes" to grow your list and your business beyond your imagination.

This is the deal of the century!

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Bonus #1

The perfect quiz funnel checklist

Value $147

Creating a quiz funnel campaign that’ll be successful goes beyond the technology. With ViralLeadFunnels Quiz upgrade, you already got the tech, what’s now missing is the strategy, the DOs and DONT’s and the secrets of a running a fail-proof quiz campaign.

So, with that in mind, we set out to create a super powerful addon that’ll guarantee you get it right, presenting… The perfect quiz funnel checklist!

This is a simple but super powerful guide/checklist to creating the perfect quiz funnel campaign that’ll seal your lead generation success.

Take action on this page right now, to unlock your FREE INSTANT access to this document.

Bonus #2

Three Free Ad Platforms to Get visitors & traffic Into Your Lead Funnels

Value $197

As a special bonus addon to this upgrade, I’m also going to show you three (3) online platforms where you can publish your Ads without paying a dime. Plus, I’ll give you a training on how to use them to drive a ton of traffic to your quiz funnels.

This alone will give you access to thousands of traffic that you won’t pay a dime for… These traffic sources have been there since and they have very low competition.

Why is this important?

You’ve got ViralLeadFunnesl, now you’re about getting the Quiz funnel upgrade, giving you the complete system you need to flag your Viral Lead Funnel.

Now, what you need is TRAFFIC!

And that’s what you get with this bonus offer… Take action right now, to get your instant free access!

Bonus #3

Countdown Time Software

Value $97

Create sales-generating timers for your website with this Countdown software.

Heat up the atmosphere and create a feeling of scarcity for your items, showing how they get sold out right before the clients’ eyes.

Increase urgency for purchase with time ticking down to the finish of the special offer period. Draw attention to your upcoming events and keep your audience eagerly waiting for the start with countdown clock for WordPress.

Jump in now - pick up ‘ViralLeadFunnels Quiz Funnel Upgrade” right now to lock in your FREE access.

Bonus #4

Auto Content Machine

Value $97

We all know that Content is King! A good content marketing strategy creates value and value in turn creates an audience... and with the right lead generation strategy in place (ViralLeadFunnels provides this), that audience can ALL be converted into red hot leads.

So here's the deal…

Once pick up this upgrade today, you get instant access to one of my special content marketing and generation tools - Auto Content Machine!

It's a WP plugin that get's content from almost any site to your WordPress blog!

You can use this to:

✔ Create a personal site which collects news, posts, etc. from your favorite sites to see them in one place.

✔ Use it with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites.

✔ Collect products from affiliate programs to make money.

✔ Collect posts to create a test environment for your plugin/theme.

✔ Collect plugins, themes, apps, images from other sites to create a collection of them.

✔ Keep track of competitors

✔ You can imagine anything. The internet is full of contents.

This Is The PERFECT Compliment

To Viral Lead Funnels...

Look, if you’re a true entrepreneur or marketer - then you know that there are tons of leads and opportunities available online like never before.

So you need a way to capture those leads quickly with less hassle and Viral Lead Funnels Quiz Edition can help with that.

And when you combine it with the viral loop technology included with Viral Lead Funnels, you not only get leads exponentially growing your list for you, but the curiosity factor takes those results to another level!

Simply put, Viral Lead Funnels is like having 10 tons of dynamite.

But paring it with Viral Lead Funnels Quiz edition is like taking that dynamite and throwing it into a volcano!

When You Combine Them Together,
Your Business Is Sure To ‘Erupt’

With Tons Of Leads And Income In A Way You Simply Can’t Imagine!

Yes! We’ll Still Honor The


Nothing’s changed. Take the next 30 days to go through Viral Lead Funnels Quiz Edition Premium and if for any reason you don’t think it’s everything we’ve promised - just contact us.

If we cannot rectify the situation with our wonderful top notch customer service then we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

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But we know what Viral Lead Funnels Quiz Edition can do for your future income endeavors and that’s why we want to get this level of Viral Lead Funnels Quiz Edition in your hands today.

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