AnnMarie Generated $200,000 In New Sales And 20,258 New Leads, While Bourbon and Boots Managed To Generate 35,752 Leads And A 200% Increase In Sales

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Why Quizzes?

The year is 2020. Your Facebook timeline has been hijacked by wonky quiz results.

Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are flooded with quizzes as well. In the past couple of years, quizzes have truly taken over the digital marketing world.

Research shows, an average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate

9 of the 10 most shared Facebook publications were quizzes – iProspect

According to, the most shared quiz on the Internet over a period of 8 months was “What Career Should You Have?”

50 most engaging quizzes on BuzzFeed drove just under 3 million engagements, an average of almost 60,000 engagements per quiz – NewsWhip

Take A Look At Some Amazing Results Driven By Lead Generation Quiz Campaigns...

AnnMarie Generated $200,000 In New Sales And 20,258 New Leads

Using a very similar QuizFunnel software, AnnMarie a skin care comapany Generated $200,000 In New Sales And 20,258 New Leads, with a simple QuizFunnel campaign.

They used the question “What’s Your Skin Score?”

This allowed for a more engaging, higher converting and far more targeted way to capture their target audience's details and were able to generate over two hundred thousand dollars in sales in only two months.

This is the same power available to you right now with the ViralLeadFunnels QuizFunnel upgrade Today!

Bourbon and Boots Managed To Generate 35,752 Leads And A 200% Increase In Sales

Bourbon and Boots generated a little above 35, 750 leads and doubled their sales in just 3 weeks by using 7 different and engagng lead generation quiz campaigns, built by a very similar QuizFunnel software.

They focused the quizzes on buyer personas as against sales driven quizzes and it worked out great for them. This strategy made the leads generated more targeted and ready to buy up their offers

With ViralLeadFunnels QuizFunnel upgrade, you can create such lead generation quiz campaigns to easily fire up your marketing and lead generation results.

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With Quiz Funnels you can now build anything . . .

A One-Question Quiz

A Complex Funnel With Multiple Questions

Conditional Branching Logic

Question Scoring And Weighting

And Different Paths And Outcome Pages Based On A Person’s Answers

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QuizFunnel Is Your Key To UNLOCK…

Highly Qualified Leads

Leads provide accurate information so that they can see their results

More Leads

As people love quizzes, they are more likely to share it

High Conversion

Ask questions to know more about your leads and send them to different thank you pages and offers based on their response to your quiz questions.

Happy Leads

As you deliver content and offers that fit their needs based on their response to your questions...they are delighted to get a solution that fits their needs.

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